Friday, May 2, 2014

March and April Roundup 2014

Shame on me! April is already over and I’m just now getting to my March roundup. I’ve been a busy girl, in case you didn’t know. So here's what I've been up to these past two months. 


-Spring break took up about half of my March. I finished my finals a week early (thanks to my diligent work ethic and a knack for planning) so I got to spend about two weeks with my family! 

-Went geocaching for the first time, which was totally fun and weird at the same time. If you're outdoorsy, it's a great, relatively low-cost activity for those weekends when you don't have much to do. 

-I went to a Goodwill Outlet Center for the first time and scored a corgi surprise!

-I ate way too many doughnuts. Donut Parade has the best doughnuts I’ve EVER eaten. If you’re in Spokane, please, please do check them out. They’re an awesome local business that’ve been around since the ’60s and they’re super friendly. Plus, they’ve got excellent prices! 

Only half of those were mine, I swear!

-Time to get a bit personal: I found out I don’t have breast cancer. So that was a big relief.

-I found out I’m getting published in EWU’s literary magazine Northwest Boulevard. Two poems and a nonfiction essay. The nonfiction essay is a big deal to me because I’ve never had anything other than poems published before, so I’m really looking forward to seeing it in print!

-Finished the redesign for the blog. How do you like it? I personally love it and am very pleased with myself! 


-My sister and her coworker came to visit for a few days. We took the doglet to the beach, did a little hiking, and explored downtown Portland. 

Rockaway Beach

-Made a "bad" pun that I'm particularly proud of. 

I'm so clever, I know. 

-I was offered one of the publisher’s assistant positions in my program’s press for the duration of this next school year, which I'm very excited about! 

-My college roommate came to visit and we ate way too many doughuts and drank cheap wine. 

-My mom sent me a canned ham in the mail for Easter, so I decided to dress up and cook myself a delicious Easter dinner for one, including home grown squash from my grandpa's garden and homemade mashed potatoes and deviled eggs from yours truly. My mom gifted me an egg plate a few months ago, so I finally got a chance to use it and continue my family's egg-plate tradition. Odd, I know. 

Momma taught me well.

-I interviewed at a really awesome company called brassMedia for a six-month internship and got the job! That was on the very last day of April, and what an exciting way to end the month!
P.S. I had doughnuts to celebrate. 

How have the past two months been for you? 
Were March and April full of delightful surprises? 

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