Saturday, January 25, 2014

DIY Dog Toy from Pajama Pants: An Upcycle


Dog toys can get expensive, am I right? If your dog is anything like mine, then those toys go FAST.

My dog Archie is a chewer, so I have to constantly be supplying him with new things to tear apart play with. I also think he might possibly be the only dog in the world who actually enjoys playing with boring ol’ rope toys.

And that’s where this DIY comes in.

I had this old pair of pajama pants laying around that were all thin, worn out, and a little ratty looking. They weren’t in terrible enough condition to be thrown out, but they weren’t in great enough condition to donate to Goodwill either. So I started thinking about what I could make with a pair of old pajama pants, and this is what I came up with. Ready?

 You will need: 

*Pair of old pajama pants 
*Pinking shears
*Hands (preferably your own)                 

1.Lay the pants out flat on the ground.

It's almost like he knows I'm doing something for him.
2. Cut them in half through the crotch, so you have two separate leg-tube-pieces

3. Cut along one of the seams of each leg piece and flatten out. You should have two rectangles. 

4. Take one rectangle and begin cutting it into one to two inch wide strips. 

When you have nine strips, you're good to go.

5. Divide those nine strips into three groups of three and tightly braid each group together

6. When you have three braids completed, take those three braids and then braid THEM together.

7. Tie a large knot at each end.

8. Trim off any weird excess dangly bits.
That looks better, doesn't it?
10.  Give to your dog and let him love you forever!

In theory, this could be done with probably any type of clothing you don’t need anymore. If you’re like me and you “make” your own shorts from secondhand jeans, why not save the extra fabric? Denim works really well because it’s durable and isn’t as easy for doggy teeth to rip up. Double upcycle! Something to think about since spring is approaching!

Anyway, if you have a dog and some old clothing laying around, I hope you give this a try! If you don’t have a dog, I think these would make excellent gifts for that one especially dog-oriented person in your life. Drop me a comment and let me know how yours turns out!

Until next time,


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