Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dad’s Day DIYs

Father’s day is right around the corner (one day away, to be precise), do you know what you’re giving your dad yet? Here are 10 easy DIY ideas I’ve rounded up!

  • A Sharpie mug. Pick up a plain mug from the Dollar Tree or Goodwill, decorate, and bake! Easy! Make it extra special with a message to your dad or a favorite quote.

  • Try your hand at a hanging tin man for the porch. Okay, this one’s a little more time consuming, but it makes such a cool gift.

The tin man in my parents' backyard.

  • Dad have an iPad or slim laptop? Maybe he’d like a handy, homemade laptop or tablet sleeve. Very quick and easy to do with some measurements, felt, and a sewing machine.

    I made this one for my laptop in about two hours. It's even lined!

  • Make your dad a homemade card—who doesn’t love a thoughtful card made with your own two hands?

My lovely sister and the card she made.

  • How about these cool beer coasters for the beer aficionado father?

  • And finally, don’t underestimate the power of a home cooked pancake and bacon breakfast! 

What are you doing for your father this Sunday? Leave me a comment!

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