Thursday, April 2, 2015

10 Budget-Worthy Things you Should be Buying from the Dollar Store


Sure, it’s just another stop to make when you’re out running errands, but dollar stores can save you a ton of cash. And if there’s one fairly close to where you live, there’s no reason you shouldn’t peek in and see if they stock anything you regularly use. Here are my top-ten dollar store products that I won’t purchase anywhere else: 

1. Coffee Filters. I usually get about 150 per pack for $1 compared to the 100 you can get at a grocery store for $1.50–2. 

2. Paper napkins.  They’re always cheaper than the grocery store and you get either the same amount of napkins per package or more (much like the coffee filters).

3. Mailing supplies—envelopes, tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper, etc. If you’re looking for tape, try the clear tape in the electrical section! It’s essentially the same except for the fact that there’s more on the rolls in that section than the rolls in the office supplies section. 

4. Aluminum foil, plastic wrap, sandwich bags, etc. I mean, there’s usually less product on the roll, but I’m not blowing through it like I would be if there were multiple people living with me. Since it’s just me and I don’t use as much on a regular basis, I think it’s a fair price. 

5. Sponges. There are always a variety and multiple sponges per package! 

6. Matches. You could spent a $2–3 at any other store, or you could get the exact same thing for a mere $1 at the dollar store.

7. Dog poop bags. I mean, seriously. I shouldn’t have to pay $13 to pick up my dog’s poop—four rolls of baggies for $1 is a much fairer price. Better yet: reuse plastic shopping bags or produce bags (like the ones you put your veggies in at the store).

8. Super glue. It’s essentially the same product, but for $1. And sometimes you get two or three in the package. I’d say it’s a good deal.

9. Cotton balls and Q-tips. It seems to me that when I buy these anywhere else, they’re always marked just a few cents above a dollar, say for $1.08 or $1.15. A few cents here and there add up! Stick to the dollar store, where everything is always a dollar (except sometimes canned veggies, which I’ve seen for under $1).

10. Frozen soft pretzels. I know, I know, food from the Dollar Tree sounds sketchy and is generally pretty hit-or-miss, but my god are the frozen soft pretzels amazing. Treat yourself to a box or two (or five)—I always do. 

Stay tuned later this week for the 10 things you SHOULDN’T buy from the dollar store! Which will be infinitely funnier, I promise.
In the meantime, do you shop at dollar stores? If so, what have you found to be the best products? 

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