Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thrifty Threads Thursday, 04.09.15: Channeling Elaine Benes

Hello, everyone! It's time for yet another Thrifty Threads Thursday. This time, I'm channeling Elaine Benes of Seinfeld—or at least that's how this dress makes me feel (maybe a little more so because Elaine is also an editor). 

Lipstick is Rose Wine by Revlon.

Today's weather was super nice. I didn't have to wear my usual boots-leggings-coat-sweatshirt combo. I got away with oxfords and a light cardigan (not pictured), and it was wonderful. Archie enjoyed snooping around the patio while I tried (fairly unsuccessfully) to take these pictures. I think we're both ready for summer and lots of sitting outside.

Outfit breakdown:
Dress: 5.99, Goodwill
Oxfords: 4.99, Goodwill
Cardigan (not pictured): 5.99, Goodwill
Total: 10.98 

Wow, what a deal, huh? I have a sneaking suspicion these totals will continue to be pretty low as the weather warms up. Also, I stopped by Goodwill after class today. So... keep an eye out for more outfits, I guess...

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