Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thrifty Threads Thursday, 04.16.15

Hey there, readers.

Today's look is sort of vintage inspired (go figure, like most of my outfits are). But what even is vintage, anyway? It seems like if something looks old then it's fair game to call vintage.

While nothing from today's outfit is vintage, I sure felt like a secretary from the 1940s (albeit a 1940s secretary whose skirt is about five inches too short). And unfortunately I only have one picture to show today because I'm never home at a time when:
  • There is good lighting
  • Children aren't running around outside shooting water guns 
  • Neighbors aren't smoking cigarettes in flannel robes in 70-degree weather and watching me suspiciously
Anyway, onward to today's outfit (featuring a gross filter because I tried to compensate for poor lighting and it didn't work).

Spoooooky shadows!

I bought this skirt in March and hadn't had a chance to wear it until today because I didn't have a blouse that wasn't too dressy—aka a crisp white button-up that would make me look like a tight-ass boss bitch.

Not that there's really anything wrong with that. It's just not a look I like to go for because

A) My face naturally frowns when it's resting and people tend to think I don't have a personality, and
B) I'm a bit of an old soul

So, yep. I knew I needed a zazzier blouse, but nothing too crazy. I found this one at Goodwill last week and thought it was a perfect match for the skirt. Also I'm kind of obsessed with polka dots. And Peter Pan collars. It was fate.

Now, here's the breakdown:

Skirt and belt set: 5.99, Goodwill
Blouse: 4.99, Goodwill
Nylons: 5.00, Walmart
Flats (not pictured): 5.99, Walmart
Total: 21.97

Not bad, huh? Especially for an outfit people will totally take you seriously in because you're so put-together. Three cheers for professionalism?

In other news, I tried a new foundation today by Bare Minerals and am pretty in love. My face didn't feel sticky or caked-on all day, which is a good example (relating back to my last post) of when you should spend the money on nicer cosmetics. Sticky gunk face is gross; avoid it at all costs.

Lipstick is Fire & Ice by Revlon.

Alright, that's it from me. Have a great weekend!

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