Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thrifty Threads Thursday, 04.23.15: Channeling faux fall weather and actually wearing pants.

Hey hey, everyone.

Today's look isn't totally thrifted like it would normally be. Actually, the only thing thrifted in today's outfit is the shoes (but they're totally cool, I promise). I haven't done laundry in about a week and a half, so the pickings were slim today and I'm feeling pretty "meh" about it.  I don't usually wear pants out in public unless it's a weekend, so today felt a little off.

By not wearing pants in public I mean that I usually wear dresses and skirts. I am not a nudist. I promise.

Ahem, BUT HOW 'BOUT THESE SHOES? I am in love.

Hot air balloon mug not included.

I wished for Bradbury season this morning and got faux fall weather instead. Which is close, but not quite close enough for my taste. It's not the same when you know there are no pumpkins to carve or leaves to crunch. The wind chimes don't sound the same either, for some reason. Today just felt odd.

Anyway, today was kind of a lazy day, in terms of dressing, by my standards. I mean, I'm wearing jeggings. Sort of. Are they jeggings if you can cuff them? Because I did that, and it looked cute. Maybe that's why today felt so strange.

This shirt is one of the only t-shirts I like to wear out in public as well; I prefer to stick with blouses most of the time. I do have a handful of horror-punk band t-shirts from my high school/college days because I'm not a crazy person and do enjoy a comfy tee now and then, but usually that "then" is on a weekend when I become a hermit.

Really feelin' this hair.

Here's a picture with Archie's big booty in it, because he insisted. What a scallywag.

But enough of my jabbering. Here's the breakdown:

Shirt: 9.99, Ross
Pants: Gifted, but estimating 12.99
Hoodie: 20.00, Target
Shoes: 7.99, Goodwill.
Total: 50.97

Yeah, that's a large number and I don't really like it. But how 'bout them shoes?!

Alright, that's enough from me today. See ya next week!

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