Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thrifty Threads Thursday, 04.30.15: Little black cat (brooch)

Happy Thursday, dear readers!

If I look a little exhausted and uncharacteristically grumpy today, it's because I just turned in my publishing portfolio for graduation and am starting on my thesis now. Much grump, very not-wow. You know. Worn out to the max, but the end is in sight!

Today's look is a little Halloween-y. I love orange. I love black. I paired them together and it was the perfect spring outfit, if a little seasonally inappropriate in terms of color combinations.

Lipstick today is Toast of New York by Revlon.

This is actually a dress with a sweater thrown over, which is a fun way to make a new look with old clothes. The sweater had been sitting in my "give to Goodwill" bag for about a month, but last night it hit me that the orange would go well with the stripes, so now it's staying as a wardrobe essential.

Awkward close-up of some sleeves 'n' stuff.
I've also decided I'm really diggin' brooches lately—add that to the list of things people hardly wear anymore but that still I do. This wooden cat brooch completed the look and had Speak of the Devil stuck in my head all day.  

I took today off (mostly) from school/work stuff to relax, focus on myself, and clean my apartment (currently a mess because I can only focus on graduation projects at the moment). So far that's resulted in job hunting and binging on Criminal Minds. Go figure, huh? I can't even relax without doing something productive. 

Anyway, here's the breakdown: 

Asos dress: 9.99, eBay
Sweater: 4.99, Goodwill
Flats (not pictured): 5.99
Brooch: 4.99, eBay
Total: 25.96

And that's it from me! See ya next time! 

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