Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Physician's Formula "Eye Booster" Kit Review

If you're adventurous and into cosmetics, you've probably heard something through the grapevine about some sort of 3-D, fiber mascara that's supposed to make your lashes look two times as long or like you're wearing falsies. You've probably also heard that it's not sold in stores and you have to buy it from someone you know who knows someone who knows another someone who's selling it.

Until now, apparently, since Physician's Formula now has their own Target-exclusive version.

Since I was originally looking for a Physician's Formula eyeliner when I saw this package, I figured I'd give the fiber "lash booster kit" a try. The pack was $15, which is a pretty good deal considering a single Physician's Formula product is usually in the $11 range and the pack comes with three products.

The way it works is you put on a layer of mascara to prime the lashes, then you brush on the fibers, then another layer of mascara. I know, it's a pretty involved process. Spoiler alert: It's also messy.

Here's what my lashes look like with two coats of good ol' mascara.:

Yep, that's a raccoon tail behind me.
The mascara I'm wearing  this picture isn't the one that came with the kit; it's actually one of two different mascaras I normally use: a light coat of Rimmel's Power Volume Black Smoke mascara. At this point I would normally add a heavy coat of NYX's Badunkadunk mascara (it's my absolute favorite), but I waited until the end this time.

"That honky-tonk...badunkadunk?"

And then I put on the fibers. The wand looks like this:

Looks like a mini chimney sweeper, am I right?
I learned the hard way that unlike mascara, you don't brush this on your lashes from the root to the tip. You just lightly brush it on the edges of your lashes. The first time I tried the fiber mascara, I had fibers falling in my eyes all day. It was super uncomfortable, especially since I wear a contact in one of my eyes (fun, weird fact about me).

And no matter how hard you try to not blink when you're brushing them on, the fibers will get EVERYWHERE. I'm not kidding. Even just opening the tube spills fibers all over my counter, which is enough to make me NOT want to use this. I absolutely hate a messy bathroom counter.  

And they'll get all over your face. And in your eyes some more. At this point I put on the Physician's Formula mascara to "lock in" the fibers, which will fall on your face and in your eyes even more. I'm not a huge fan of this particular mascara, but it works alright. After that, I put on a heavy coat of the NYX Badunkadunk, and this is what the end result was:


There's definitely a difference in length, but the process is so involved and time consuming that this is not something I could ever do on a regular basis. Plus I don't really like having itchy eyes all day, big surprise. However, if I have a little extra time in the morning and don't anticipate a long, busy day, I might reach for this product.

That's all, folks! Let me know your thoughts on this/similar products; I'd love to hear from you!

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